Welcome to SCKAN-Compare’s documentation!

A package for retrieving and visualizing data contained in SCKAN (e.g., across species, relationship to spinal segments) to highlight similarities and differences in neuronal pathways

License: Apache License 2.0


The body’s involuntary physiologic processes is regulated by three distinct systems: sympathetic, parasympathetic and enteric, collectively called the autonomic nervous system. Any deviation from the optimal functioning of the system results in acute or chronic disease conditions. In developing suitable interventions/therapy to tackle the disease condition, clinicians need to be able to compare similarities/ differences between model organisms and humans. To achieve this goal, SKCAN-Compare uses the SPARC data. SKCAN-Compare can retrieve and visualise data between two organisms and compare the functional connectivity between the two organisms, thereby decreasing the time and resources spent on laboratory studies and assisting in clinical studies.


SKCAN-Compare offers its functionality in two forms:

  1. Python package

  2. Web app

The Python package can be installed via PyPI. It allows users to customize and employ the took in their own workflows.

The Web App offers a ready-to-use tool to help compare SCKAN data. The app internally uses the Python module.


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