If you are relying on Python packages for several, independent projects, we recommend that you make use of separate environments for each project. In this way, you can safely update and install packages for one of your projects without affecting the others. Both, conda and pip support installation in environments – for more explanations see the respective instructions below.

Standard install

We recommend installing into a separate “virtual environment”, see the Python Packaging User Guide for more information. SCKAN-Compare is included in the PyPI package index: You can therefore install it with the pip utility:

pip install sckan-compare

In rare cases where your current environment does not have access to the pip utility, you first have to install pip via:

python -m ensurepip

Development install

If you wish to contribute to the development of SCKAN-Compare, the easiest way of setting up your environment would be as follows:

git clone
cd 2023-team-4
pip install -e .

Installing with the -e flag will allow changes to the source files to be immediately reflected in your environment.